Our research and development team is a strong group of driven, talented, innovative individuals who are passionate about finding your company's next big thing.

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Using the latest computer 3D solid modeling design and manufacturing software, as well as sophisticated measuring and testing equipment we prototype your ideas and perform testing.

Whatever your industry, whether you need one prototype or a full production run of a custom product, we’re ready for you. From our in-house R&D department and technical staff with engineers to our highly skilled craftsmen in the machine shop, we’ll take your project from concept to completion.

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Do you have a brilliant new product idea, but you need help executing? Tiffin Metal Products welcomes new concepts from individuals looking for help with developing and commercializing new products.




There used to be a time when all you would see in distribution centers were steel gravity chutes. Steel works well most of the time, but comes with many limitations.  Tiffin Metal Products had been designing and manufacturing steel chutes for years when a site visit brought to light the issues that come along with using steel chutes.  A customer had been having issues with cardboard packages getting hung up on the chutes, due to condensation from the humidity in the warehouse. To remedy this, the customer purchased $1,000 ladders for each chute location (which there were several), and hired a crew of workers to stand on each ladder in 8 hour shifts, around the clock, to push stuck packages down the chutes with poles.  Fiberglass chutes were an expensive alternative, as molds weren’t cheap and the longevity of fiberglass was unknown. Some other distribution centers lined their steel gravity chutes with a silicone-based material to keep things moving, but that seemed counter-productive to Tiffin Metal Products. If you’re going to line the chute with a slippery material, why not save the money and make it part of the chute itself?  Our team got to work and soon developed the patented SST™ Gravity Chute, employing a steel skeleton frame with UHMW panels. Ultra High Molecular Weight material is durable plastic that is impregnated with silicone, never losing its coefficient of friction ("slickness").  If there is ever damage, a panel can be easily removed and secured back into place. Our sales team got the word out and the concept took off! With thousands installed in some of the most well-known distribution centers across the globe, the SST™ is most successful gravity chute on the market.


Once upon a time, law enforcement locker rooms housed narrow, school-type lockers.  Officers didn’t have a place to properly store gear, boots, or to lay body armor flat to dry. The locker rooms were damp and overcrowded with overflow items being placed on top of the locker, which was unsightly. Our sales and engineering team listened to the law enforcement community and developed the original Airflow Locker.  We understand that in many cases these lockers function as an “office.” So special consideration was given to the equipment needing to be stored.  Tiffin Metal Products was a front-runner, creating a spacious locker that provided plenty of storage, seating, and even allowed an officer to charge electronics inside their locker by offering different power options. The locker itself is designed to be tied into an HVAC system to help keep air circulating through the unit, cutting down dampness within the locker and odor within the locker room.  There have been many imitations over the years, but the Airflow Locker is the original locker of its kind with the longest successful track record.  With over 17 years in-field experience, and 30,000+ units sold,  the Airflow Locker is a first-choice for the largest departments across the country.


Panel-Free Frame

Tiffin Metal Products has been supplying the billboard industry since the advent of the automobile, making us the longest-running Out-of-Home supplier.  Our first patented billboard product, roll-formed vertical sections, was developed in 1928.  That same design is still part of our current product offerings, proving our ingenuity over 90 years ago. While the design is good for many regions, it proved to be problematic for coastal, hurricane-prone areas. Before a major storm would roll through, operations teams would be sent to the field to remove all of the vertical sections from the billboard structure and strap them to the base, preventing damage and keeping the sections from becoming flying projectiles.  This proved to be very time-consuming and costly for many companies, but a practice that no less went on for many years. Fast-forward to the early 2000s. Conversations between Tiffin Metal Products’ then owner/CEO Willard Heddles and VP of Operations for Clear Channel Outdoor turned a sketch on a napkin to actual design of a panel-less product. Their innovative design allowed wind to blow right through the head of the structure, eliminating the need for dropped panels. The mid-2000s brought the introduction of the Panel-Free™ Frame which saved crews time in the field by allowing the face of the billboard to remain. During high-wind weather threats, a crew simply drops the vinyl, or slashes through it, allowing wind to blow through the face.  The time saved disassembling and reassembling billboard faces = money saved. We’re proud to have over 10,000 Panel-Free frames installed in the U.S., and the number keeps rising. While it was originally designed for coastal regions, many inland folks prefer the Panel-Free simplicity and longevity as well.